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Inspired by the Sea.

Every decision we make comes from a commitment to treat our skin, ourselves, and our planet with kindness. We believe we are all connected to mother nature and should have a distinct duty to protect the elements that we draw from. Malibu MD strived to incorporate pure ingredients, backed by science to create a profound effect. Formulated by 2 Medical professionals with 30+ years of combined research in the anti-aging field and approved by thousands of customers!

Developed by Medical Professionals & Skin Enthusiasts (with MDs)


Jason Becker


Jason Becker is a leading cosmetic surgeon born and raised in Malibu, CA. With 20 years of experience, Jason is just getting started.


Diana Layke


With over 15 years conducting professional research in the Anti-Aging field, Diana took over as acting CEO of Malibu MD in 2018.


Shaun Walker


One of the most sought after plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills for A list celebrities, Shaun has shifted his focus to his passion; Malibu MD.

Simple Ingredients, not so simple process.

Taking a new (patented) approach, we analyze every one of our ingredients at a molecular level to eliminate known irritants, harsh chemicals, and toxic residues. The result? Our carefully curated skin care products that never contain "who knows what". We set the bar higher than ever before, making extraordinarily effective anti-aging formulations that are completely safe, even for the most sensitive among us.

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